Mystershirt represents the romance between football and its fans

Mystershirt was founded by a young football fan who wanted to share his passion for collecting football shirts with others.

We needed a fun, special and affordable product for football fans.
The latest shirt of your favorite club can easily cost 80+ euros, which is a very high amount. You can develop your own football shirt collection in the nicest, most original and cheapest way with Mystershirt.

Each shirt is handpicked by a football enthusiast

You can increase the chance that you are satisfied with your mystery football shirt by indicating which clubs, competitions or colors you do not want to receive a mystery shirt from. From there we will work to give you the best mystery box experience.

We are by far the most popular mystery football shop in Belgium and the Netherlands! You won't find random football shirts anywhere better than at Mystershirt.

A real football office, located in the heart of Antwerp

An office (and warehouse) that breathes football, located near the Groenplaats in Antwerp. That is the place where your mystery journey begins!

Each random football shirt has its own story and history

The culture, style, colour, the history of the club and its values: there are many elements that make each football shirt unique. Every shirt you add to your collection has added value. 

Nice: we always look for the best facts about your mystery kit and add it to your personal thank you card. A mystery box is more than just a random football shirt.

Mystery football box discount codes for Mystershirt can be found on our socials @mystershirt.